Now the frames are ready for assembly. Begin by connecting the two short frames to the long frame. To locate the pilot holes, draw a centerline on both sides of the upright (B) of the long frame, see Fig. 6.

Now, with the frames resting upright on a flat surface, mark the locations of the pilot holes. (Push a drill bit through the shank holes to mark a point, and square across to mark this point on the centerline.) Then drill ViĀ«" pilot holes at these locations. Finally, connect the base frame with 2yr*long connectors, see Fig. 6.

mount frame to top. To mount the leg frame to the top, turn the top upside down and position the leg frames centered on the spacers. Next, mark the location of the pilot holes on the spacers. Then drill Km" pilot holes for the connectors.

finish. After the pilot holes are drilled, attach the leg frames to the top. Then I disassembled the top and frames so I could apply two coats of polyurethane.


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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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