DURING the eleven years that have elapsed since the publication I of the first edition of this work, many important pieces of furniture have been brought to the attention of the writer, which substantiate the theory of development therein expressed. The writer has had the opportunity to examine several thousand pieces of American and Hnglish furniture, and from this examination it has become possible to determine in many instances the section of the country in which a piece was made. This examination has also shown the importance of mouldings in determining date and locality, and emphasis has been placed upon this feature throughout this work. So much new material has been acquired that the book has been entirely rewritten, the type reset, and the form extended to two volumes.

The writer wishes to express his thanks and appreciation to the Metropolitan Museum of Art not only for placing at his disposal for examination its various collections, especially the Holies Collection of American Furniture, probably the most important ever assembled, but also for furnishing him with such photographs of pieces as were desired. He also wishes to express his thanks to the many collectors who have uniformly assisted him in this work, and especially to Mr. II. W. Erving for his untiring and enthusiastic aid, which has contributed much to the completeness of this book,and to Mr. Walter II. Durfee, who has furnished valuable information incorporated in the chapter on clocks.

Meadowreach, Riverside, Connecticut, August, 1913.

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