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It is important to know who is behind this great product and idea. Alex Grayson is the creator of the DIY smart saw. He is an engineer who works in a car industry. He is the kind of person that always opens household appliances when he was a kid in order to find out how it works. This behavior has been part of him and he recently decided to go into woodwork as a way of relieving stress little did he know that he would discover something so wonderful. Alex idea has helped a lot of people around the world save money with this DIY project. This program has been tested and trusted to offer you with immediate results. The DIY smart saw is an e-book or more like an extensive guide that comes with a bonus video that teaches you how to build your own CNC machine. It's like a 3D printer for wood. The DIY invention will transform a regular piece of wood into a coveted work of art. You'll have your own step-by-step video tutorial plus a written manual to go by its side. Just watch the video once and you'll put together your own Smart Saw even if you've never used a screwdriver before. It does require you to have any skill, you just need to read, observe and understand. Read more...

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I usually find books written on this category hard to understand and full of jargon. But the author was capable of presenting advanced techniques in an extremely easy to understand language.

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Chapter Combining Operations

These machines are the CNC router or CNC machining centers as some companies call them. Initially, CNC routers were just that, routers. These machines today, however, are routinely equipped with a wide variety of processing heads and can perform all the operations needed to complete most furniture parts in a single cycle. There is a general understanding that this technology exists, however, there also exists a feeling that substituting a high priced CNC router for more traditional, lower cost woodworking machines is cost prohibitive. CNC routers appear to process parts slower than more traditional machines and there exists a concern that an adequate level of production would be difficult to achieve. Rather than generalize about these points, let us use our formulas to determine the exact results. Let us start by calculating the machine cost. For this example, we will use a machine cost of 150,000 although in today's market the actual cost can be somewhat less than this. We will use a...

Crosscut Bandsaw Or Both

This method will be used only for very simple components for some time, but the possibilities will no doubt increase. One of the most widespread and successful computer controlled machines in the furniture industry is the CNC router. CNC means Computer Numeric Control, and refers to the programming language used to control the machine's operations. This control language consists of strings of numbers which, rather like map reference numbers, tell the machine where it is and where it is heading next. Information on the task the tool is to perform is fed into the keyboard attached to the router as a series of code numbers. Some of the more common operations, such as circle cutting, are built into the machine memory. This simplifies the programmer's task considerably, but even so a complex set of operations may require a fault-free program of up to 1000 lines in length. This operating software is expensive to produce, and difficult to debug if problems arise. One of...

Small workshop automation

The area where CNC machines have had most impact on small workshops is in the making of upholstery and soft furnishings. CNC sewing machines are less expensive than most automatic machines and are used to speed up tasks like quilting, seam binding, and edging. companies which can cover their cost. One of the ways in which the real benefits of new technology can help small workshops and individual craftsmen is by grouping small firms around a central facility equipped with automated machines of all types, capable of turning out components to very high standards. The user-group will share the costs of a central CNC facility and use its output as required. CNC machines of this kind can be used to make standard items to help small makers meet their overheads, and allow them to spend more time creating the individual items which their customers require.


Ken Susnjara, President of Thermwood Corporation, with his book Furniture Manufacturing in the New Millennium, has provided a valuable service to furniture manufacturers seeking to survive in today's competitive world. This book is of value to manufacturers considering a purchase of a CNC machine as well as for those manufacturers currently using these machines in their production. A book authored by the president of a major CNC manufacturer is immediately suspect. One expects it to be heavily slanted to the author's machines, simply a sales brochure in book format, point out the features of the manufacturer's machines and deficiencies in all others. Susnjara has generally succeeded in navigating the fine line between advocating one machine and the technology common to the industry. speed to cut the parts does little to reduce the cost per part. However, significant reductions in the cost per part are possible, even with small numbers of parts per run, if the setup time for the...

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