Turning the tenons

Once you have turned all the vases, it is time to produce the tang joints. Start by turning tenons at the bottom ends of the two separate vase sections and finial blank. Mark the tenon shoulder 2 inches from the end of the workpiece by holding a pencil against the spinning blank. Then, holding a parting tool with an underhand grip, make a series of sizing cuts to define the tenon (page 55). Use a roughing gouge to clear out the waste between the cuts. As the tenon begins to take shape, periodically check it with calipers, stopping when the tenon is% inch in diameter. Finally, use a skew chisel to undercut the shoulder slightly; this will ensure that the bottom ends of the vase sections sit flush on the sections below without wobbling. Hold the chisel edge-up so its long point and bevel are aligned with the shoulder line. Then slowly raise and twist the handle, slicing deeper into the shoulder as the cutting edge approaches the tenon (right).

Skew chisel

Tenon shoulder

Jacobs chuck

How To Sell Furniture

How To Sell Furniture

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