Turning The Bedposts

and tenons. See the anatomy illustrations on page 51 for details of the posts' diameters and the locations of the various elements. Each 6-foot-long post is turned in four individual sections, allowing for the 36-inch limit of most lathes. Since the sections are joined by tang joints, remember to allow for the 2-inch-long tenons when cutting your blanks to length.

Although the bottom sections of the footboard and headboard posts are different, the four posts are otherwise identical. To help keep them uniform, turn their matching sections one after another, rather than producing an entire post before moving on to the next one. Start with the bottom sections (below), and move up, turning the vase sections (page 55) next and the finials (page 57) last.

Turning the bedposts of a four-poster bed may appear to be a daunting challenge, but the project is manageable if broken down into its component parts. The design of the posts is simple; each one comprises only a few recurring elements, such as pommels, beads, vases,

The pommel, or bottom section, of a four-poster bedpost is turned with the help of a story pole and calipers. A story pole can serve as a shop-made turning guide. Cut from a strip of plywood, it includes key dimensions and diameters as well as the location of decorative elements like beads. A French curve is a good design tool for drawing on the pole. The calipers are used to check the size of the blanks as turning proceeds.

How To Sell Furniture

How To Sell Furniture

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