Setting up the router table

To cut dadoes in the legs for inlay banding on a router table, install a %-inch straight bit in a router and mount the tool in a table. Adjust the cutter for a ^-inch-deep cut. Next, attach an extension board to the miter gauge. To ensure that the dadoes are parallel to the ends of the leg, the miter gauge must be set to the appropriate angle. Hold the tapered part of the leg flush against the miter gauge extension while butting the handle of a try square against the leg's square portion. Adjust the miter gauge so the miter bar is parallel to the blade of the square (left).

Miter gauge extension

Miter bar

Try square blade

Stop block

2 Routing the dadoes

Position the leg against the miter gauge extension so the bottom end is 33/ie inch to the right of the bit. To ensure all the dadoes will be aligned, butt a stop block against the end of the leg and clamp it to the extension. To cut the first dado, hold the leg flush against the extension and stop block, and feed the leg and miter gauge across the table into the bit. Turn the blank to the adjacent side and repeat to rout the remaining dadoes (left).

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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