Making The Legandrail Assembly

The legs of a Pembroke table have a delicate look that belies their stur-diness. They are tapered, with a simple banded inlay around each leg about 3 inches from the bottom. The banding includes a %-inch-wide dark strip— in this case, walnut—which contrasts with the mahogany. A thin strip of maple frames the walnut. On some Pembroke tables, the inlay was used to mark the transition to a second, steeper taper at the bottom of the leg. Traditionally, legs with a double taper were tapered on the two inside faces above the banding and on all four sides below it. The version shown in this chapter features a single taper on each face.

Once the side rails are assembled, they are joined to the legs with mortise- and-tenons (page 33). So, too, is the end rail, but it must first be bandsawed into a curved shape to complement the curved drawer front at the opposite end of the table (page 36). The drawer rails are fixed to the legs with twin mortise-and-tenons and dovetailed half-laps (page 34).


A fly rail holds up one of the leaves of the Pembroke table shown above. The knuckle joint that attaches the fly rail to the side rail is designed to stop pivoting once the fly rail opens to a 90° angle. A recess carved into the curved edge of the fly rail provides a convenient handhold.
How To Sell Furniture

How To Sell Furniture

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