Making the hinge mortises

Use your table saw to cut a 3/8-inch-wide rabbet (page 59) along the sides of the frame. Begin with a shallow depth of cut, increasing the depth by ^ inch with each pass until the fall-front's bottom edge is '/i6 inch above the top of the drawer unit when the fall-front is in position. Once you are satisfied with the fit, lay the fall-front veneer-face down on the lop-ers and butt the bottom edge against the top of the drawer section. Position and outline the three hinges on the pieces—one in the middle and one each near the sides—centering the hinge pin on the seam between the fall-front and the carcase. To cut the hinge mortises, install a 1^-inch straight bit in your router, set the cutting depth to the hinge leaf thickness, and cut out the waste inside the outline. Use a chisel, a carving gouge, and a wooden mallet to pare to the line (left). Test-fit the hinges in their mortises and use the chisel to deepen or widen any of the recesses, if necessary.

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How To Sell Furniture

How To Sell Furniture

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