Making The End Boards

The sunrise motif of the headboard featured in this chapter is a popular design, particularly in American Country furniture. Whatever design you choose, however, the primary challenge in making the end boards for a bed is cutting the pieces symmetrically. The boards are too unwieldy to do the job accurately on the band saw. You will be much better off shaping the boards with a router guided by templates, as shown starting on page 61.

When the time comes to glue the end boards and rails to the bedposts (page 64), try to enlist the aid of an assistant or two to help you maneuver the stock and the six long bar clamps you will need. For maximum flexibility at glue-up, use white glue rather than yellow adhesive;

it takes longer to set, allowing more time for adjustment after it has been applied.

Join the side rails to the posts with commercial bayonet brackets (page 63) or bed bolts (photo, right). Bed bolts are stronger, but the brackets are simpler to install and come apart with only a few mallet taps.

To facilitate disassembly, bedposts are usually attached to the side rails with knockdown hardware, such as the bed bolt shown at right. The bolt extends through the post into the rail and is threaded into a cross dowel installed in the rail. The bolt head is concealed by an embossed brass cover.

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