Making The Desk Unit

The carcases of the desk unit and bookcase form the two main parts of the secretary. In keeping with the twin requirements of elegance and usefulness, both pieces are assembled with one of the most attractive—and sturdy—joints available to the woodworker: the halfblind dovetail. The steps shown below and on the following pages feature the connection between the top and sides of the desk unit; but the same procedures apply to the joints at the bottom of the both the desk and bookcase units.

Once the dovetails have been cut, you can move on to making the dust frames (page 112) and the loper housings. The carcase is then assembled (page 113) and the back panel is nailed in place (page 115). The final step, once the glue has cured, is installing the lopers.

A plate joiner cuts a slot in the stile of a dust frame; a stop block clamped in place holds the workpiece square to the tool. A wood biscuit and glue will be added to the semicircular cut and then fitted into a mating slot in a rail. Quick and easy to make, the resulting joint will be strong and invisible, enabling the frame to support a drawer.

How To Sell Furniture

How To Sell Furniture

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