Making And Installing The Testers

1 Notching the ends of the testers

Once the bedposts, end boards, and rails are glued up and assembled, it is time to prepare the testers that connect the top ends of the posts. Use your table saw to cut the half-laps that join the testers. Install a dado head, adjusting it to its maximum width, and set the cutting height at one-half the stock thickness. Screw an extension board to the miter gauge. Position the rip fence for a width of cut equal to the width of the testers, then cut each half-lap in two passes. Start by aligning the end of the board with the dado head and, holding the edge of the tester flush against the miter gauge extension, feed the stock into the cut. Make the second pass the same way, but with the end of the board flush against the fence (right).

2 Installing the testers

Bore a hole through the center of each half-lap at the end of the testers, using your drill press fitted with a bit the same diameter as the finial tenons—% inch. To prevent tearout, bore the holes in two steps: Start by drilling halfway through the stock, then turn the tester over and complete the hole from the other side. (You can also assemble the testers and drill the two holes at the same time with a portable drill. This will ensure that the holes line up perfectly.) Install the testers at one corner of the bed at a time. Slip the finial tenon through the hole in the end tester and, holding the side tester over the bedpost (left), fit the tenon through its hole into the mortise in the post.

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