Laying out the bevels

To form the octagon, bevel the corners of the square taper. The bevel is already outlined on the end of each post, but it must also be marked on the sides of the stock. Taking the dimensions from a piece of full-size post stock, and drawing on scrap plywood, outline squares as you did in step 1 (above, left). Transfer your measurement—equal to the bevel width—to the post, measuring from each corner of the square to either side. Then use a pencil and a long straightedge to connect each mark with its corresponding point on the octagon drawn at the top end of each post. Once all eight bevel lines are marked, draw a curved lamb's tongue at each comer, joining the bevel marks with the taper start line (above, right).

How To Sell Furniture

How To Sell Furniture

Types Of Furniture To Sell. There are many types of products you can sell. You just need to determine who your target market is and what specific item they want. Or you could sell a couple different ones in a package deal.

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