Installing the drawer runners

Size the drawer runners, cutting them a few inches longer than the drawer. Drill three holes through the edges of each one, locating one hole near each end and one at the middle. Holding an edge of the runner against the side rail and one end against the bottom drawer rail, screw it in place (left). The top face of the runner should be flush with the top face of the bottom drawer rail.

2 Sawing the curve of the false front

Slide the drawer into its opening in the table and clamp the false front blank to the drawer front. Holding the drawer at its fully closed position, use a pencil to trace the profile of the top drawer rail onto the top edge of the blank (left). Cut the curve of the false front on the band saw as you did the end rail and glue veneer to the front face, if desired (page 36).

3 Installing the false front

With the drawer still in the table, spread glue on the contacting surfaces between the drawer front and the false front and clamp the two together, using wood pads to protect the stock (right). Tighten the clamps evenly until a glue bead squeezes out of the joint.

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