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After the Revolution, American furniture makers began to distance themselves from British influence. Endeavoring to create a new style, they turned to the classical designs of ancient Greece and Rome. For this reason, Federal furniture is often called "Neoclassical." More austere than Chippendale, Federal pieces typically mimicked the lines and features of antiquity, such as columns, animal claws, reeding, fluting, and the lyre.

Despite efforts to achieve independence, however, American cabinetmakers remained under British influence. The designs of Englishmen George Hepplewhite and Thomas Sheraton were widely circulated and copied in America, although some New World designers attempted to Americanize the British styles by incorporating the eagle and other patriotic motifs.

Federal Period Window Seat
Designed to fit below a recessed window, the aptly named window seat, like the one shown above, was a popular Federal period design. The cross-lattice pattern of the raised ends is typical of the best-known Federal designer, Duncan Phyfe.
Duncan Phyfe Armchair



Marked by a Sheraton-style rectangular back and delicately crossed back slats


Though delicate in appearance, the table was solid enough to support a heavy marble top



military motif

George Hepplewhite


The tapered legs of this table are characteristic of British designer, George Hepplewhite; for easy storage, the hinged leaves can be dropped down

Jefferson Era Timeline

Four-poster bed (page 4&)

For quick disassembly, the bedposts feature round mortise-and-tenons that can be taken apart; the side raiis are attached to the posts with knockdown hardware


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