Drilling the leg mortises

Clamp the seat down and fit a hand brace with a spoon bit the same diameter as the small end of the leg tenons. Use a straightedge and a sliding bevel to help you drill the compound-angle holes. This will enable the legs to splay out from the side of the seat at the proper angle and be angled—or raked—toward the front or back of the chair. Position the straightedge across the seat at the correct splay angle of 105°, or 15° from the perpendicular (page 73). Then adjust the sliding bevel to the required rake angle, which is 100° for the front legs and 115° for the rear legs, or 10° and 25° from vertical. Position the sliding bevel on the straightedge. Then, center the bit on the mortise mark and begin drilling, keeping the hand brace parallel to the straightedge and the bit lined up with the slope of the bevel (left). Repeat the procedure to bore the remaining leg mortises.


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How To Sell Furniture

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