Anatomy Of A Pembroke Table

The Pembroke table consists of three main sections: a top, the leg-and-rail assembly, and a drawer. The top is attached to a leaf on each side with a hinged rule joint. The edges of the top are rounded over and the mat ing edges of the leaves are shaped with a matching cove, forming a seamless joint when the leaves are in the up position. The leaves are supported by fly rails that swing out from the side rails on knuckle joints. As shown opposite, these joints feature interlocking fingers fixed together by a wooden pin.

Each side rail is made up of four individual boards. First, the knuckle joint between the long outer side rail piece

Wooden Knuckle Joint

and the fly rail is cut and assembled. Then, the short outer side rail piece is sawn to size and the stationary pieces are face-glued to the inner side rail. The assembly is then joined to the legs with blind mortise-and-tenons. Wooden cor ner blocks are screwed to adjoining rails at the back end of the table to keep the corners square.

The top is attached to the rails with wood buttons, which feature a lip that fits into a groove cut along the inside edges of the rails; the buttons are screwed to the underside of the top. As shown on page 47, pocket holes can also be used.

The dovetailed drawer is supported by wooden runners screwed flush with the bottom edge of the side rails.

Pembroke Table

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