Vanity Mirror

This project started out as an attempt to learn how to cut a molded mortise and tenon joint for the door frames of the Cabinet and Mantel Clock in this issue. Somewhere along the line it dawned on me that this type of frame would be nice as a vanity mirror.

THE FRAME. The frame is very similar to the one for the clock, except the arch is on the outside (instead of the inside) of the top rail.

The two stiles and the bottom rail are cut to a width of l'/a", and to rough length (see below). The top rail is cut extra-wide (to 3%"), and left "square" to begin with.

Then the molded mortise and tenon joints are cut to join these pieces (see page 12). However, on this frame I used a roman ogee bit instead of a corner round.

Note: When cutting the tenon on the top rail, cut it to the full width of this piece first. Then use a back saw to trim it to fit the mortise.

After the joints are cut, the top rail can be band-sawn to form a gentle curve that ends at the stiles.

support arms. Next, the curved support posts are also band-sawn to shape. (This is just a double hour-glass shape, see below). Then both edges of these support posts are routed (on the router table) with a corner-round bit, see Detail.

the base. For the base I glued up boards to get the width needed for the top and bottom. These boards are cut to a final size of 8" x 16", and the four corners of each piece are rounded. Finally, the top and bottom edges of each piece are routed the same way as the support posts.

the sides. The sides for the base are cut to size so the grain is running vertically, and mounted to top and bottom with a rabbet/dado joint.

To cut this joint, first cut a double-stopped dado, stopping Vz" f-om the front and back edges of each piece. (I did this on the router table.) Then cut a rabbet on the side pieces, leaving a tongue to fit the dado.

Also, a rabbet is cut on the inside front edges of the sides to accept the lip on the drawer front, see Detail.

assembly. Before assembling the base, counterbore pilot holes for #8 x IV2" screws to attach the support posts. Mount the posts first, and then glue the four pieces for the base together.

the drawer. The drawer is very similar to the one on the

Jewelry Case, except the joint on the drawer front is cut extra-deep to leave a lip. Also, a kerf is cut on the middle of the drawer front to give the appearance of two small drawers. mount the frame. The ad justing knobs on the support posts are just porcelain drawer knobs with the screw fastened to the knob with epoxy. Then rosan inserts are mounted to the outside edges of the frame to accept the screw.


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