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The back of most cabinets is just a piece of plywood hastily tacked in place. I didn't think this approach was really appropriate this time. Besides, it's very likely that the back of this cabinet will be in plain view (depending on its final setting in the room). So, I went all out and made a frame and panel assembly for the back.

Once again I used web frame construction, cutting the two rails (G) to the full width of the opening, and the three stiles (F) to rough length for now. Then grooves are cut for the two Va plywood panels.

Next, I cut the three stiles (F) to final length, and then cut %"-long stub tenons to fit in the panel grooves, see Fig. 9. How?ever, these cuts are critical because when this frame is assembled it must fit tight in the rabbeted opening on the back of the case. To get this kind of fit, I made the frame just a smidgen larger than needed, and planed the edges down to proper size, and glued it in place.

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