Mortise And Tenon

Now the four pieces for the door frame can be joined with mortise and tenon joints. (See page 12 for the details on this joint.) Before the mortises can be cut, some of the quarter-round molding has to be trimmed off the ends of the stiles (A). I used the shoulder of the molding cut on the two rails to determine the amount to be removed.

Then I cut the W'-wide, W-deep mortises at the top and bottom of both stiles, see Fig. 1. And finally, the tenons are cut in the top (C) and bottom rails (B) to fit the mortises. Note: a fence on the miter gauge is needed to span the arch of the top piece (C) when the tenons are cut.

Before the door is assembled, I mitered the quarter-round moulding at all four corners, see Fig. 6. Then the door frame can be glued up.

chamfer. Although it's not necessary. I also routed a double-stopped chamfer on the outside comer of both stiles, see Fig. 1.

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