Frame And Panel

The basic dimensions of this case are determined by the size of the two sides and the lid. These three assemblies are frame and panel construction, joined with open mortise and tenon joints.

the frame. The first step is to cut the six stiles (A and C) and the six rails (B and D) to a width of 1W, and to the final length shown in Fig. 1. Once the pieces are cut, arrange them in position for the three basic frames. Then mark the face side and inside edge of each piece. It also helps to identify them so you know which pieces make up each frame.

the grooves. Since each of these three frames will hold a panel, a groove must be cut along the inside edge of each piece to accept the panel. I cut this groove W wide, W deep, and centered on the inside edge of each piece, see Fig. 2.

To make sure it was exactly centered, I cut this groove by making two passes. The first pass is made with the "out" side of the piece against the fence. Then for the second pass, the "in" side face is against the fence. (A detailed description of this is shown on page 18.)

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