Cutting The Mortise And Tenon

As we've shown in previous articles on mortise and tenon joinery, I like to cut a European-style mortise (called a slot mortise). First mark the length of the mortise by scribing a line W from the end of the stile to mark one end of the mortise. Then I used a chisel to mark the other end (see Fig. 5) right where the molding ends. (It's best to use a chisel to make this mark because later you'll need a good accurate mark to align the miter cut on the molding.)

To rough-out the mortise, clamp a fence on the drill press and adjust it so you're drilling exactly on the center of the stile. Drill a series of holes to rough out the length of the mortise, see Fig. 6. Then clean up the sides (cheeks) of the mortise with a sharp chisel.

Shop Note: I prefer brad-point spur bits or the special mortise bits shown in Figure 6. (These special bits are available from Sears, Catalog No. 9 GT 24215.)

the tenon. There are several methods for cutting the tenons on the rails, but the one I like the best is shown in Figure 8. First, cut the rails to final length, allowing for the distance between the stiles and the length of the two tenons.

To cut the tenons, set the depth of cut of the saw blade by using the mortise as a guide, see Fig. 7. Next, adjust the fence so the distance between it and the outside of the saw blade is equal to the length of the tenon.

Now make the shoulder cut for the tenon by guiding the rail through the sawr blade with the miter gauge, see Pig. 8. Then continue to make multiple cuts out to the end of the tenon to finish it.

Nowt you can flip the rail over and cut the other face of the tenon. However, it's always best to check this cut by making a trial cut out at the end of the tenon and then testing the fit in the mortise.

trim to size. After the tenon has been cut to the proper thickness, it must be trimmed to width. This is done with the fence in the same position, and the height of the saw- blade adjusted to make the cuts as shown in Fig. 9. Finally, round over the corners of the tenon (with a file) so it fits the rounded corners of the mortise.

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