Cutting Diagram


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  • Vi6" x 5W - 36"
  • Vi6" x 5W - 36"
  • yi»" x 7V," - 36"

zzzz2zzzzzzzzzz zzzz2zzzzzzzzzz actually allows a Vm" gap between the edge of the panel and the bottom of the groove on all sides of the panel, see Fig. 3.)

cutting the shoulders. Next rabbets are cut on both sides of all four edges of the panels to form tongues that fit in the grooves in the frames. As shown in Fig. 3, the depth of these rabbets should leave a tongue that's just thick enough to fit snugly in the groove.

The width of the rabbet accounts for 3/m" that fits in the groove and another '/«" as a shoulder to define the field of the panel. This means the rabbets are a total of 5/W' wide on all three panels.

rounding over. Finally, to soften the edges of the panels, 1 rounded over the shoulders of the rabbets. To do this, remove the pilot from the Ya" quarter-round bit and guide the panel over the bit using the fence on the router table, see Fig. 4. Note: Both sides of the panel for the lid (F) are visible, so the shoulders on both sides should be rounded.

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