Assembly Of The Frames

I also rounded the inside edges of the frames to match the panels. This is a little difficult because it must be done before the joints are glued together. If the joints fit good and tight, the inside edge can be rounded over on the router table with a %" quarter-round bit and pilot, see Fig. 5. However, if the joints are loose, you'll have to clamp the frame together with bar clamps before routing, or use a file and sandpaper to round-over the edges.

Before assembly, I finish-sanded all surfaces of the frames and the panels and got ready to glue them together. However, there's one small problem during assembly.

As the frames are glued together, the tongues of the panels can not be glued into the grooves (they must be free to expand/ contract). However, if the panels are free to move, they will slide to the bottom of the frames and be off center.

To solve this problem, I spot-glued the panels into the grooves. A small amount of glue is applied to a Vz area at the center of the two end-grain tongues, see Fig. 6. This holds the panels in place., but also allows them to expand/contract in width.

outside edges. After the frames are glued up, the outside corners are rounded to a W' radius. Then all the outside edges are rounded over with a %" quarter-round bit. But don't do this rounding-over just yet. You need square edges to get the measurements for the next set of mortises.

mortises for the tray. The two side frames have W'-wide mortises for the back (G) and the tray front (H). These mortises are positioned so they don't interfere with the corner joints, see Fig. 6. Once they're cut, you can move on to the inside pieces of the case.

figure 1


d.i isM



/«" panel



9 Va"

1 Va"

figure 2

groove for panel v«" wide. va deep figure 2

groove for panel v«" wide. va deep

1 Va"

center mortise on rail

figure 4

fence of

router table



/ /

^vt quarter round bit

with pilot removed fc

figure 5

rout inside edge of frame with >/." quarter round bit figure 5

rout inside edge of frame with >/." quarter round bit figure 6


Va" Va

Va Va

-'/." shoulder to define field of panel

mortise Vt deep


mortise Va" deep

drawer runner-



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