Another Tool Rest

I thought your readers might be interested in a variation of the grinder tool rest shown in Woodsmith No. 20. Rather than making a complete new support system for the tool rest, I just adapted the existing tool rest on my Sears grinder.

The new tool rest is just a piece of 4" wide, 6" long hardwood that's attached on top of the original tool rest. The new rest provides a much larger surface to steady a tool as it's being ground.

To help keep the tool at exactly 90° to the face of the wheel, I cut a %" dado parallel with the 6" edge of the rest. Then I made a miter gauge that fits thedado to guide the tool across the width of the wheel.

The new rest is attached to the original from the bottom with two small screws. (On the Sears grinder, I had to drill two holes for the screws.) The new tool rest is adjusted by tilting the original tool rest.

W. A. Julien South Chatham, Massachusetts

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