Adjust Height Of Blade Under Shoulder

IThe molding cut should leave a shoulder along the edge of each piece. Then the depth of the rabbet or groove must be equal to the depth of that shoulder.

2 Part of the molded edge must be removed from the stile. To set the length of this cut, use the shoulder of the rail as a guide to adjust the position of the fence.

3 Next, set the depth of cut to just skim under the shoulder of the molding. Guide the stile through the blade with the miter gauge, making multiple passes.



6 Clamp a fence to the drill press and adjust it so the drill bit is exactly centered on the stile. Then drill a series of holes to rough out the mortise.

5 Mark the length of the mortise by drawing a line Yi" from the end of the stile. Then use a chisel to "knick" the shoulder right where the molding ends.

4 Pare off the excess left by the saw cuts with a sharp chisel, working from the "back" of the stile. Don't pare off any of the shoulder — leave it intact.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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