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After building the Schoolhouse Clock shown in Woodsmith No. 21, I was consumed with an uncontrollable urge to build another one — a classic case of "clock fever." The only cure, I decided, wrasto try my hand at a mantel clock.

The woodworking part of _this project involves a number of custom moldings, all of which can be made with ordinary router bits on a router table. As for the design, the basic dimensions are determined to a great extent by the "moving moon" dial. (It moves to show the phases of the moon during the month.)

No matter what dial (or works) you choose (see Sources at the end of this article), it's best to have them in hand before the woodworking begins. This is particularly important for the door, because it must be designed to fit around the dial. And the rest of the case must be built to accommodate the clock works.

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