Small Table with Round

The table shown by Fig. 42 is supported on three shaped legs made from stuff table top is 1 ft. 6 in. in diameter by 1 i thick. If it is made from two or mo boards, their edges should be trued i

Fig. 41.— Joint between Table Top and Flap.

square and parallel, and the boards dowelle« glued, and cramped till set; then tl circle can be struck and cut with a bov saw, and the moulding on the edge forme< Fig. 44 is an underneath plan of the tab! top, showing the position of the legs an

Fig. 40. End Elevation of Falling-leaf Table. Fig. 42.-Small Table with Round Top.

J in. thick when planed ; they are 2 ft. 4 in. brackets. The legs are stub-tenoned 1

high, and cut from board 11 in. wide to the top as shown in Fig. 45, the joini the dimensions given in Fig. 43. The of the legs immediately under the low«

shelf, and the stub-tenons that fit in the mortices in the shelf being shown in Fig.

Round Top.
  1. The shelf is S in. in diameter by [ in. thick, and a moulding is worked Bud its edge similar to that on the table top. The legs should be shaped at the centre joint as shown, and firmly brought together while marking at right angles across each joint the position of the grooves. Take the legs apart, and work out the grooves | in. deep and & in.
  2. 40.—Connection of Table Legs to Top.
  3. 40.—Connection of Table Legs to Top.
  4. The joints are then ready for gluing. They are brought together, and oak or mahogany cross-grained feathers are slipped into the grooves. The shelf and table top are glued on over the tenons, and weighted to keep them firmly in place while the glue is setting. When the glue joints have properly hardened, fit the brackets to their respective places. If the table is to be enamelled, the brackets may be bradded on ; but if it is desired to stain and polish the table, they should be glued and blocked.

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