Rectangular Side Table

The next table to be considered is a side or hall table. Fig. ~> is a half elevation of the front of such a table. The legs are checked to receive the rails, which are carried all round, mitered at the corners, and screwed from the back through the legs. They are also blocked at the back, similarly to those in the previous example. A fielded channel is cut down the rail, finishing in a diamond pattern at the centre. A narrow rail is also carried

Section Through Table
  1. Vertical Section through Part of Kitchen Table with Turned Legs
  2. 4.—Section through Drawer.
  • Part of Front Bail of Kitchen Table.
  • Part of Front Bail of Kitchen Table.
Table Drawer Section

along the front, and channelled out in a similar manner. A small moulding (see Fig. 6) is carried along the rails immediately under the table top, and this top is secured as shown in Fig. 7. Small mortices are cut in at the back of the rails, and blocks, having a small tenon iV in. Fig. 9 shows a half design lor a suitable leg for the table.

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