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Brain Power Tool

Hands down, the most useful tool in your shop is the gray matter between your ears - the storehouse of knowledge.

There are many clever tools available to woodworkers hut none so clever as our brain, with its ability to learn, store and then apply accumulated knowledge. Just think for a moment about the information contained in this one issue. It goes a long way toward reaching fundamental information about working wood to build furniture and cabinets, but as experienced woodworkers know, there's still a lot more to learn.

In this jam-packed issue, we tell you about important joints including dados, rabbets, mortise-and-tenon and cope-and-stick for frame joinery. We also touch upon dovetails, biscuits and dowels, hut that leaves many not discussed.

We cover in great detail the sate techniques you need to know when using a table saw and jointer (the two most dangerous machines in the shop) but we don't have the pages to cover planers, drill presses, band saws, lathes and routers.

We offer articles about building tables, beds, doors and drawers - but the list is incomplete. I'm sure you are getting the picture - there is a lot to know. In fact, I'd go as tar to say that even a lifetime of learning would never cover the full spectrum.

Bur thanks to our ability to learn and build on what we've learned, we eventually start to connect the many wood-

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working dots, coming up w ith our own solutions to the problems that always seem to crop up in every project.

It's amazing to watch a woodworker's learning curve go from basic hammer-and-nail joinery to building a real cabinet that requires no nails or screws at all. How after the first few tentative cuts on the table saw, the woodworker's confidence grows with that bit of experience under his belt. When after completing a few simple projects, the woodworker starts to design her own projects, decid-ing which joints to use, what the dimensions should be, etc.

Yes, we shouldn't overlook the brain when it comes to assessing our most important shop tools. Its capacity to learn and therv provide feedback on all the facts and experiences it holds is truly ■amazing. We continue to feed it new information, making us better woodworkers every time we leave our shop - the experience gained that day neatly stored away to be recalled again.

So go ahead, dig into this issue. And don't worry about overloading the most important tool in your shop!

Sieve Shanesy, Editor & Publisher

Sieve Shanesy, Editor & Publisher

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September 2003

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