Upper Divider Joined With Two Dovetails

A wide upper divider is dovetailed to the doubler as well as to the leg. If the inside dovetail is too close to the leg, the short-grained end of the doubler can easily crack off.


Partitions (covered on following pages)

and kickers, which keep the drawer from tipping when pulled out. Some tables require ledgers to support the runners and kickers, and there are others that do without doublers. Nevertheless, if you took apart a Pembroke table, you'd find the basic components in one fashion or another. And you'd know the secret to building tables with drawers: Inside, they're all about the same.

A strategy for construction as well as design

It's worth taking a close look at the components that make up the table-with-drawer system, not only in terms of how each functions as part of an overall design but also in terms of how each is constructed in concert with the other components.

Although there's no reason why you couldn't apply my strategy to building a table by hand, I'm going to assume you will use a tablesaw and a thickness planer. For me, efficiency demands the use of machines, even for the constmction of traditional furniture forms. The key to efficient constmction lies in designing joints that share like dimensions and like locations relative to the leg. The tablesaw cuts related parts to equal length; the planer establishes consistent thicknesses and widths. Together, the tablesaw and thickness planer allow groups of parts to have compatible machine-cut joints. When you plane the dividers to thickness, you also can plane a number of square-dimensioned sticks for runners, kickers, and ledgers. If you make the haunched tenons on the aprons and the double tenons on the lower divider the same length and location from the face of the leg, then you can cut all the mortises on a hollow-chisel mortiser with a single fence setting. And you can cut the main shoulders of these joints, as well as the dovetails on the upper divider, without changing the dado height or the fence setting.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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