Support The Mattress

About 80% of the mattresses sold in the United States come with a box spring. Full- and queen-size box springs need support around the edges in the form of wooden cleats, angle iron, cast-iron hangers, or aluminum extrusions. All of these supports are screwed to (and sometimes recessed into) the side rails. King-size box springs come in two halves for portability and need an additional support down the center of the bed that's wide enough to support both halves, with a leg in the middle of this support.

The side rails are typically 5 in. to 8 in. wide and 1 in. to 1% in. thick.

The combined width and thickness Bo* sPrin^ "eed ,suPPĀ°rt spring

Box irt only around the edges.

should be enough to prevent the rail from sagging under load. I usually use 6-in.- or 7-in.-wide rails with a box spring; but to hide the box spring completely, the rails must be close to 8 in. wide. This choice is strictly a design decision.


An economical choice, wooden cleats are glued and screwed to the rails.


Angle iron can be purchased or recycled from old bed frames. Run a rabbet in each rail, then screw the angle iron in place.

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