Installing Hidden Bed Bolts

Hidden nut. The nut is inset into the tenons on the head or foot rail and faces away from the side rails.

You also can bolt a bed together from the inside of the rail, leaving no holes or hardware visible on the outside. This involves embedding the nut in the tenon of the headboard or footboard rail, then routing a specially shaped recess on the inside of the side rail. A jig is helpful for routing the recess in the rail.

Install the clip plate. Glue hardwood dowels into the inside of the side rail to give the screws something to bite into besides end grain.

Hidden bolt. Use a jig to rout a T-shaped slot inside the side rails (above). Then insert the bolt and tighten it into the nut embedded in the head or foot rail (right).

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    How to build a bed with hidden bed bolts?
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    How to install hiddenbeds?
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