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Cut the mating mortises in the case and attach the door. Continue to use only one steel screw at this point. Check the fit of the door. If necessary, remove the door and plane it to fit.

Adjust the countersinks. If necessary, use a countersink bit to deepen the holes in the soft brass hinge so that the screw heads can sit just below the surface.

Sometimes you must shim a hinge up (below) or out (right) to even out the hinge-side gap on a door or adjust the fit of a lid.

Making fine adjustments

Sometimes you must shim a hinge up (below) or out (right) to even out the hinge-side gap on a door or adjust the fit of a lid.

If you've cut too deep. To shim a If you've cut too wide. To move a hinge out toward hinge outward, trim a card to fit into the front of the case, plane a sliver of long-grain wood the bottom of the mortise. to fill the gap at the back of the mortise. Glue it in and plane it flush for an invisible repair.


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