Flat Twincircle Clips

Also known as a desktop or figure-eight clip, this unobtrusive fastener requires only a shallow flat-bottomed recess in the top edge of the apron. The diameter of the recess should accommodate that of the clip, but the recess should be drilled to place the center of the clip past the edge of the apron. This will let the clip pivot slightly, allowing for cross-grain wood movement.

For large tabletops, you can increase the clip's ability to move side to side by chiseling away a little of the apron on both sides of the clip. However, because the clips do not handle wood movement perpendicular to the apron very well, they are best confined to end aprons. Like the metal table clips (above), these fasteners should be relegated to casual, day-to-day furniture pieces.

These clips, also known as S-shaped clips or simply as tabletop fasteners, are probably the easiest and quickest method for attaching tabletops. They fit into a groove or slots cut on the inside face of the apron.

The grooves must be cut before the base is assembled. The easiest method is to use a tablesaw.

The clips are installed after the base has been assembled. Place one end of the clip into the groove and screw the other end into the underside of the tabletop. Because the groove runs the length of the apron, any number of clips can be used. This method nicely accommodates any cross-grain wood movement whether the clips are parallel or perpendicular to the tabletop's grain: The clips on the end aprons move along the groove as the wood moves, while the clips on the front and back move in and out of the groove.

Another way to install the clips is to cut slots in the apron using a biscuit joiner. This method is quick and easy, and it can be done after the base of the table has been glued up.

Precision drilling. The recess should be close to the inside edge of the apron to allow for movement. Use a Forstner bit for clean results.

Attached to the apron. The twin-circle clips can be screwed to the apron either before or after the base has been assembled. Check that the clips are free to move.

Attached to the tabletop. These fasteners are best fitted to either small tables or to the ends of large tables. They do not allow for much wood movement when fitted perpendicular to the grain of the tabletop.

Secure but free to move. The clips are screwed to the top. With humidity changes, they move side to side and in and out of the groove or slot.

Grooves or slots. The clips are installed in grooves cut on the tablesaw or in slots cut with a biscuit joiner.

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