By Will Neptune

article describes a basic, proven construction approach. The details are up to you.

Start with a dovetailed case

When preparing your primary stock for the sides of the case, put aside strips to be used later to edge the top and bottom case panels as well as the drawer dividers.

Using wood from the same board will give a uniform look to the case.

A chest of drawers begins with four panels: a top, a bottom, and two sides. The strips of primary wood that edge the top and bottom can be glued onto the secondary-wood panels after rough-milling. Match the grain direction of all parts during glue-up so they can be finish-milled as one piece.

The case is joined with half-blind dovetails, so lay them out for strength, not appearance. You may want extra tails near the edges, especially the front, to resist loads that could pop the front shoulder.

Another trick makes the joineiy for the back a little easier. Run the rabbets for the back boards all the way up the sides without stopping. Then rip the top and bottom panels to be flush with this rabbet; the back boards will extend all the way up to the top and bottom of the case but will

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