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Attaching a top to its base is a critical aspect of table design and constaiction. Regardless of the method you choose, it should meet the following criteria: The top must be firmly attached to the base; the top must remain flat; a solid-wood top must be allowed to move seasonally; and the attachment method shouldn't compromise the design of the table or complicate its constaiction. I'll describe four ways of attaching a tabletop that meet these requirements, along with the reasoning behind each method.

The most important factor to consider when deciding how to attach a tabletop is wood movement. We all know that solid wood

Controlling wood movement_

While you cannot prevent a solid-wood tabletop from moving seasonally, you can direct this movement so that it doesn't disrupt the looks or the use of the table. Below are examples of how to secure the tabletop to the frame to control expansion and contraction.


Attach the top securely here.

Attach the top securely here.

Attach to allow for movement here.

Attach to allow for movement here.

On a table with an overhang that will be used from all sides, pin the tabletop at the center of both end aprons. Secure the top to the long aprons in a way that allows for seasonal movement.

Because a demilune table often is placed against a wall or locked to a larger section of a table, the top should be secured at the rear so the wood expands toward the front.

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