Backpanel Options

A more attractive frame and panel can be fit into the side rabbets.

A more attractive frame and panel can be fit into the side rabbets.

Horizontal shiplapped back boards help prevent tall sides from bowing outward.

The case is joined with half-blind dovetails, which are hidden from view. Traditionally, the back consists of shiplapped boards. _______

Top and bottom r end flush with

Shiplap joints rabbets in back and slight spaces 0f sj,jes allow for wood movement.

Half-blind dovetails are sized and located for strength, not appearance.

Because the top and bottom panels will be hidden, these can be secondary wood edged at the front with primary wood.

Back boards, set into a rabbet in the case sides, are screwed or nailed to the top and bottom edges.

Thin dado for the tongue is hidden by the dovetail.

Front rail has a dovetail and a


Basic stopped dadoes offer a clean, contemporary look and the easiest construction.

Stopped dado

Only the front edge is primary wood.

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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