The Edging Strips

Now the solid-wood edging strips can be added to the front and back edges of the plywood sides. All of these strips are cut from 5/4 stock (l'/W thick actual).

back edging. The back edging strips (C), are ripped to width so they're just slightly (Vie") wider than the thickness of the plywood sides, see Cross Section in Fig. 1. This extra width provides just enough material so the surface of the strips can be planed and sanded down perfectly flush with the plywood.

Then these strips are cut to length so they're equal to the distance from the bottom of the plywood panel to the shoulder of the tongue on the top edge, see Fig. 1.

roctgroove. After the strips are cut to size, rout a 'A" x Va groove on the edge of the strip to match the tongue on the back edge of the plywood panel, see Fig. 1. I routed this groove on the router table, making sure it was positioned so the extra Vvl in width was sticking up above the outside face of the plywood.

rabbet for back, Also, cut a iV'-wide by W'-deep rabbet on the back edge of the edging strip for the V* plywood back, see Fig. 5. Shop Note: I used a table saw-rather than the router table to cut this rabbet because the saw produces a cleaner edge along the shoulder of the rabbet, front edging. The front edging strip (B) is ripped 1W wide and cut to the same length as the back strip, see Fig. 4. Then a Vi" x Vi' groove is routed on the inside face to fit the tongue on the front edge of the plywood panel, see Fig. 1.

This groove is positioned exactly the same distance from the outside edge as the groove on the back edging strip. (That is, so the edge is W above the surface of the plywood.) Since this groove is in exactly the same position, it can be cut using the same set-up on the router table.

assembly. Finally, glue the edging strips to the tongues on the plywood. Be sure the top end of each edging strip is flush with the shoulder of the tongue on the top edge of the side, see Figs 4 and 5.

figure \


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