The Cabinet Sides

This chest of drawers is built £ exactly the opposite of the ; way it was designed. That J may not make much sense, but that's one of the problems you ' face when you set out to build a chest of drawers — you have to design the drawers first and then design the cabinet around them.

This is especially true of this chest because we wanted to build it with drawers that are a little out of the ordinary. There's no hardware on the drawers — no pulls, no metal guides. Instead, these drawers are designed with a concealed cove as a finger pull, and a guide system that's made completely of wood.

In order to make all of this work, the cabinet has to take into account the coved lip design on the drawer fronts, as well as the method used to mount the drawers in the cabinet, and the final size of the drawers. In other words, J the cabinet is designed to fit the drawers.

These design considerations are discussed in more detail in the article on building drawers that begins on page 13. Once -the drawers are designed and final measurements are determined for the cabinet, I started work by building the two sides of the cabinet.

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