The Basic Frame

Building this headboard is really just a matter of building a very large frame that's joined with mortise and tenon joints. To start construction, I cut the uprights (A) and the top (B) and middle (C) rails to size from 8/4 stock (l%"-thick stock).

uprights. The uprights (A) are cut SW wide and 41 Va" long, see Fig. 1. The length of the uprights actually determines the overall height of the headboard in relation to the mattress. If the headboard is built with 41Mi"-long uprights (as shown), the bottom edge of the middle rail (C) will be 23" off the floor.

This is the right height for a mattress that's 24" off the floor — that is, so the top of the mattress is 1" above the bottom edge of the headboard.

Note: This 24" measurement was taken to the top of a standard mattress and box spring combination on a metal frame with casters.) If the height of the mattress is more or less than 24", alter the length of the uprights accordingly, top rail. The next step is to cut the top rail (B) to size. First, rip the rail 1%" wide from 8/4 stock. As for the length of the rail, it depends on the width of the frame that supports the mattress and box springs.

Check the mounting holes in the frame to determine exactly where you want the uprights positioned. Then cut the top rail to the length necessary to put the uprights in the right position on the bed frame.

middle rail. The middle rail (C) is ripped to a width of 2W. Then to determine the length of this rail, take the final length of the top rail (B), subtract the width of both uprights (3W each, or a total of 6and add 1'// for the two %"4ong tenons on the ends of the middle rail, see Fig, 1.

joinery. After the uprights and rails are cut to size, they're joined together with mortise and tenon joints, (A complete, step-by-step explanation of how to cut a mortise and tenon joint is given in Woodsmith No. 26.)

Basically, all this involves is boring a series of %" holes centered on the width of the stoek and deep, see Fig. A. Then clean up the cheeks of the mortise with a figure b remove waste multiple passes over saw bla"

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