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Some time ago, I bought a Freud 8" adjustable dado blade. To date, I've used the tool exclusively on my 12" Craftsman mdial arm saw. On this saw, it performs well, giving a smooth cut and runs with little vibration.

The other night, I was re-reading Woodsmith back issues and came across your discussion in Woodsmith No. 23 about the new 8" adjustable dado from Freud. The discussion was a bout how it would not fit some table saws. According to your comments, Freud has re-milled the sides of the new 8" dado so that they iwll fit on any table saw.

This isn't quite true. I have one of the new, re-milled 8" dado blades and it will not fit safely on my 10" Craftsman table saw. The saw shaft, extends through the dado blade only far enough to allow one turn on the arbor nut.

I don't think a wobble dado blade, or any blade, is safe to operate this way.

William Vasher Gibralter, Michigan

When we ran the segment in Woodsmith No. 23 about the Freud adjustable dado blades, the problem had just been discovered. According to Freud, they had started to mill dowrn the sides of the 8" dado so it would fit any table saw.

Although they did mill the sides of the dado to reduce the thickness of the body, it's still too thick to fit on some table saws. When we tried to mount it on both our Sears and Rockwell 10" table saws, we couldn't rotate the nut more than about one-and-a-half turns around the arbor.

We agree with Mr. Vasher that the Freud 8" dado blade is fine for radial arm saws. But for use on the Sears and Rockwell 10" table saws, it's our opinion that the 8" dado blade can't be secured well enough to the arbor to be operated safely,

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