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Not too long ago, I had to make a large number of Lazy Susan shelves. Everything went together just fine until I realized I was producing a mountain of cut-off corners that were taking over my shop. I hated the thought of feeding all those cut offs into my wood heater, so I decided to come up with some way to use the scraps.

Wood Corner Clamps

Finally, I came on the idea of combining the corner cut-offs with two C-clamps to form a corner clamp. The corner clamps can be used to square up case work, or to just clamp together the corners on a mite red frame. To make the clamps, I glued two of the t hick corner cut-offs together to produce a V/>" thick bracket. Then I bored two holes for the C-clamp pads, and cut off the sharp corners on the ends of the bracket.

Finally, the edges are trimmed and sanded so they're smooth and perfectly square. (If the stock used for the lazy susan is square to begin with, having to square the clamps can be eliminated.)

Petri/ Hanson Walhalla, North Dakota

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