Palm Sanders Revisited

1 read your article in Wood smith No. 3Son palm sanders and would like to make a few comments. The most disappointing thing about your article is that you say nothing about how the sanders sand and this is a disservice to your readers.

The Porter-Cable has a flexible rubber coupling that alloivs the sander to go in a "An" random orbit that never repeats itself which results in a swirl free finish. The problem with my Makita is that it uses a steel pin, which creates a circular motion and results in swirt marks that are noticeable after the finish is applied.

Nearly every professional refinisher in my area uses the American-built Porter-Cable #330. Maybe for an amateur the Makita might work out, but why not spend $15.00 extra and get professional results?

Lynn Keiter Tampa, Florida

In the tests we conducted in our shop, we found no distinguishable difference in the quality of the finish produced by either the Makita or the Porter-Cable palm sanders.

The only time any of the palm sanders we reviewed produced visible swirl marks were wiien we used coarse grit sandpaper. When we switched to medium or fine grit sandpaper, there were never any visible swirl marks using any of the sanders,

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