Joint For Front

Normally, the joint that joins the drawer front and the sides would be no big deal either. But for these drawers, the side has to be offset to allow for the Vw" lip on the top edge of the drawer front. (This is '/ie" for the clearance and '■/» for the overlap of the web frame, refer to Fig. 1.) Also, the dovetails have to stop before getting to the bottom edge of the drawer front to allow %" for the '/a" clearance and the Vz" cove. Setting up the dovetail jig to cut this offset joint presents some challenges. What I wound up doing was cutting the joint in two steps.

The first step is to clamp the drawer front on the top side of the jig in the normal manner (with the inside face up and the top edge of the drawer against the pin). However, to create the 'Vu" lip on the top edge of the drawer front, the drawer side is jogged over with a Vie" shim, see Fig. 6.

Now the dovetails can be routed , . , until you get to the last pin. Stop before "rounding the corner" to complete the last pin. What you want to do here is complete the last dovetail without making another socket in the drawer front. This will leave room for the cove on the bottom edge of the drawer front.

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