Join Sides And Back

When al! the pieces are cut to size and marked, the next step is to join these pieces to form the drawers. Start by routing the dovetails to join the back with the two sides. (This is the easiest joint to cut.)

As mentioned above, I planned to use a router and a dovetail jig to cut these joints. (A complete explanation of how to set it up and use a dovetail jig is covered in a detailed article in Woodsmith No. 22.)

Basically, to set up the cut for the back and side, mount the drawer back on top of the jig and the drawer side on the front on the jig, see Fig. 5. Then rout the dovetails in the normal way.

When the routing is complete on the drawers for the chest, there should be seven dovetails centered on the drawer side with a half-pin on the top and bottom edge. So far, so good,

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