Fiberglass Screen

I'd like to share an idea I have for the Sears routers. In Woodsmith No, 31 and other issues, you've mentioned that debris falling into the Sears router may have been one of the causes for the fan blades breaking off, and damaging the motor.

I too own a Sears IV2 H.P router that's mounted upside down on a router table. But before I mounted it on the router apply super glue where fiberglass screen apply super glue where fiberglass screen

table, I protected the motor with a small piece of fiberglass screen that covered the air intake directly above the fan.

To attach the screen to the motor housing, apply a small amount of super glue where the screen and the motor housing come in contact with each other.

The advantage to this system is that the screen in no way effects the air flow from the fan, yet it prevents large debris from falling into the router. I've used my router this way for IV2 years, anil have had no problems.

Steven Johnson Des Moines, Iowa

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