Drilling Dowels

In Woodsmith No. 33, you showed a method of marking the center point on the end of long dowels that works well. For short dowels, I use a slightly different method that not only finds center, but also assures the hole is drilled parallel with the sides of the dowel.

First, clamp a piece of scrap stock to the table of the drill press, and drill a hole that's exactly the same diameter as the outside diameter of the dowel. 1 drill this hole about two-thirds the way through the thickness of the block.

Then keeping the block clamped to the drill press table, remove the bit from the chuck and insert the dowel in the hole. By keeping the block clamped in its original position, the drill press chuck is automatically centered over the short dowel.

Drilling a hole that's perfectly centered on the end of the dowel simply requires chucking the connect size drill bit in the drill press, and drilling the dowel.

Patrick Wartier Escondido, California

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