Cutting Tenons

One of the problems I had was cutting tenons on the ends of the pieces for the headboard (see page 10). This is usually just a matter of making sure the tenon is cut to the right size so it fits the mortise.

But on the pieces for the headboard, I ran into what might be considered a mechanical problem. Both of the pieces that have tenons (the uprights and middle rail) are long and rather heavy which makes them very awkward to work with.

The length of these pieces makes it very difficult to use a typical tenon-cutting jig. (The pieces have to stand on end in this jig, and because they're so long they tend to wag around when the jig is moved to make the cut.)

Instead, I laid the workpieces flat on the table sawr and made multiple passes to form the tenon. However, even this method presents a problem.

Because of their length and weight, the workpieces tend to twist or pivot off the miter gauge. To solve this problem, it helps to attach a long fence to the miter gauge to support the wrorkpiece for its entire length, see drawing.

Then the tenons can be cut by holding the workpiece firmly against the fence and making multiple passes over the blade. (A complete description of this method for cutting a mortise and tenon is given in Woodsmith No. 26.)

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