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I used this same fence to help cut the piece of plywood used on the headboard. The problem with cutting this plywood piece to final size is actually twofold. First it's a long and wide piece that's difficult to handle. And to make matters worse, it has to be cut to very close tolerances to fit tight in an opening in the frame.

To make this cut, I used the following procedure. First, I cut the plywood to rough length — about 1" longer than needed. Here again I used the fence on the miter gauge to help guide the plywood.

After it's cut to rough length, mark the final length on one edge. Then, with the table saw turned off, place the plywood against the fence, push it up to the blade, and line up the mark with one tooth on the blade.

When the cut is lined up, clamp a stop block to the fence at the other end of the plywood. Then as the plywood is fed through the blade, gently push it so it's tight against the stop.

This pressure against the stop block produces a steady hold on the workpiece so the blade cannot force it out of line. (Sometimes the rotation of the blade pulls or pushes the workpiece out of line.)

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