New Twist

In Woodsmith No. 33, you complained about the problems of loading paper in palm sanders, There's a simple trick that will alleviate about 99% of the problem, and all you need is an ordinary pencil.

After cutting the paper to size, lay the paper abrasive side flown. Then lay the pencil on one of the edges that will be clamped in the sander, and roll the edge of the sandpaper around the pencil.

When the paper is released, it will spring back with a nice semi-circular upward curve on the edge. Then curl the opposite edge of the sandpaper.

To load the sandpaper, simply raise the clamp spring and insert the first curved edge of the paper. Smooth the paper across

the pad and you'll find the other edge curling aroUtld the pad, pointing directly where the clamp will open. Raise the clamp and push in the edge. Then tighten the paper across the pad, and release the clamp.

Samuel Hathaway Sudbury, Massachusetts

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